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Zama's Cupcake Co.

It’s almost the end of the year, can you believe it?! We’re not sure about you, but we think this calls for a celebration and a party just isn’t the same without cake! Say hello to the Cupcake Collection by Esjay Sportswear. 

We would love to invite every babe and bro that has stuck with us through this crazy year but instead, in true ESJAY fashion we decided to host a party for those that deserve it a little more… the kiddies at Thembelihle School and Angels' Care Centre.

This print was inspired by Zama’s Cupcake Co (@zamas_cupcake_co) we love the story behind this business mainly because it speaks about how cupcakes changed the world for a family of 4… it’s the kind of stuff we love here at the Esjay HQ, you can read Zama’s full story on her social media pages; we encourage you to like, comment and leave some love while you scroll through her feed.

We’re calling on you, the ESJAY people; when you purchase your cupcake sportswear you can add a ‘real’ cupcake to your cart for one of the children at Thembelihle School or Angles' Care Centre. Our dream is to host  the biggest cupcake party 2020 has ever seen, and bring joy to what has been a very uncertain and challenging year.

It sounds a bit silly, but your cupcake can create change. Like we always say; a small act goes a long way. 

All the love, and extra icing;

Esjay Sportswear x

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