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Sam’s Khanyisa flowers

Sam was the ultimate esjay babe! Kind, happy, adventurous, active….and always in esjay! She epitomized everything we stand for at esjay As an extremely close friend, she has inspired us to collaborate with khanyisa centre - an NGO for whom she worked and which held a huge space in her heart! 

Khanyisa is a centre that offers specialized educational & therapeutic intervention for children with different needs.  

We spent a morning at khanyisa working with the children to create the perfect esjay range….we were completely moved + could see why Sam was so passionate about them!

Sarah of Sarch designs worked her magic with the original artwork, + we love the result! Bright, bold, colourful - we know Sammy would have loved it too!

We hope that through this range we can create awareness & raise funds for this very special NGO. We hope that this range honours our very special esjay friend, Sam, and all she stood for, and we hope that when you wear these bright, happy esjays, you feel positive, inspired and driven to do better! 

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