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Life is better with friends.

There are things that change your day, the kind of feeling you want to happen again; moments that bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your soul.

Things like, achieving something you never thought was possible, hard work, baking a cake, running a personal best, exfoliating your skin, scoring a goal, finding your new favourite song, ‘your order has arrived,’ raising a child. These are things that aren’t necessarily confined to ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences — you will bake another cake, please exfoliate your skin again, and for our sake… add to your cart! ;)

What makes these moments ‘different’ or rather, more memorable are the friends we share them with. Hard work rewarded with a hug, high five or glass of wine makes it worth it. Kudos on Strava from the exercise junkies makes your best time even better. The sound of the crowd makes your celebration less awkward and dancing to your favourite song is way better than listening to it in your car … most of the time. A new dress can be rotated in your friendship circles and it looks different on every feed. Your children are loved by your favourite people, jumping castles and animal farms become your Saturday plans and your friends are excited about it.

This range represents the people that make good moments, great. The friends that force their way into your hearts and stick around for the celebrations, tears, wine and stinky nappies, life is (WAY) better with friends.

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