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MY GIRL, by Esjay Sportswear

It is a sad fact that approximately 3800 women and children are sexually assaulted on a daily basis in South Africa, whilst only 0.4% of sexual offenders are held accountable for their actions.

As a small business designing and manufacturing sportswear predominately for South African women, it is our duty to assist in reshaping the imbalance of power by raising our voice against gender-based violence and sexual assault. We believe this can be achieved by creating spaces that speak truth to power, “that power and privilege doesn’t always have to destroy and take - it can be used to serve and build.” — Tarana Burke, founder of the “Me Too” Movement.

For this reason, the intention of this sportswear range is to bring awareness to the severity and brutality of gender-based violence and sexual assault. A percentage of all sales of this range will be donated to The Rape and Abuse Crisis Centre at Angel’s Care, with the aim to help children who are survivors of gender-based violence, abuse and neglect. The name of this range comes from the ‘My Girl Pearl’ initiative, this ‘back-a-buddy’ fund was started to help raise funds for two children left behind after their mother, Pearl was shot and killed as a result of gender-based violence in Johannesburg. An order of R25 000 in bracelets has been made by Esjay Sportswear, the first 300 My Girl tight orders will receive a FREE bracelet from Esjay. You can learn more about ‘My Girl Pearl’ here.

We as a South African business know that this violence is far beyond us, but our hope is that our voice will encourage you to raise yours or (at least) become more aware, more compassionate and more available to help.

Esjay. xx

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