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Made for More

Empowering people, discovering purpose, reaching potential. Made for More is a non-profit organisation with a vision to see people with disabilities included, equipped and empowered to live purpose-filled and passionate lives.

Esjay Sportswear together with Manifest Designs designed this print to build awareness around Made for More and the incredible work they are doing in our community. We met the athletes at our product photoshoot and were blown away by their passion for life and surfing talent despite the challenges they face.

“More than just sportswear” is a term we have coined here at Esjay, as we want our impact to reach further than just the gyms, trails and studios — we want to start conversations that challenge thoughts and initiate change. Made for More is an organisation made up of surfers, coaches and volunteers and we believe it deserves attention. We hope that this range changes the perception of disability through awareness, understanding and appreciation but most importantly that it encourages us to celebrate PEOPLE, no matter their physical or mental capabilities.

The Made for More Esjay range will provide support to the cause by donating a portion of each item sold to the organisation, these funds will be used to pay for surfing lessons and allow many more an opportunity to ‘join the team!’ We hope you know that when you shop with Esjay you’re always getting ‘more than just sportswear.’

We (with other very generous people/organisations) are also sponsoring all the surfers with the Made For More Esjay Sportswear. A HUGE shoutout to Made for More for allowing us to build this range and share their story, and to their surfers for modelling every product perfectly!

All the love,

Esjay x

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