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Wild & Wonderful by Esjay

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Remember when we were only allowed to run from 6AM - 9AM?

Remember when we raced around the grocery stores 'panic buying' because we didn’t know when our last roll of toilet paper would run out.

Remember when we read books because we had finished every series on Netflix, or when we watched silly TV to kill time, we ran laps around our gardens, baked banana bread and made beer. We watered our plants and tidied our cupboards and had dinner around the table. We were in bed early because we had to be home before the sun set.

Remember when we patrolled our communities and loved our neighbours, we shared meals, donated and asked for help. We heard stories of those in need because we had time to listen and actually hear. We felt the pressure of uncertainty and experienced the brutality of inconsistency.

Remember lockdown memes, songs and dances, we clapped from our windows and celebrated our front line workers. We prayed.

The Wild & Wonderful range by Esjay carries a message that I hope we never forget; that how your life feels is more important than it looks. That through the chaos there is clarity; that our world doesn’t have to be busy to be FULL, HAPPY and MEANINGFUL.

The past 18 months have been WILD but it has taught us that simple isn’t safe, it’s simply made up of the things that matter most; and that’s pretty WONDERFUL.

Esjay x

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