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Wild & Free by Esjay

My beautiful friend, I hope you live wild and free. I hope you do all the things you dream of doing. I hope you travel everywhere you dream of going and taste all of the foods you dream of tasting…I hope you let yourself be completely and wildly yourself, without worrying about what others will think, and free yourself from others expectations and criticisms because they’ll never know of all of the magic and dreams within your heart. I hope you trust yourself as the oceans do the moon, and let yourself shine as the night sky does the stars. I hope you always have faith in yourself as the flowers do in the sun…I hope you live wild and free, my beautiful and brave friend

Nikki Banas: Walk the Earth

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Kelly Galloway
Kelly Galloway
Nov 10, 2022

Just LOVE this Seh. These messages are what keep me coming back! ❤️ The other day I was reminded by my essays that "I'm gold baby, solid gold!" from the orchard range and it instantly put a smile on my face. This print reminds me of that. Keep doing what you're doing - we love it! x


Nov 07, 2022

Wow what a powerful and inspirational message Sarah 😘

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