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the SOUL SISTA range by Esjay


Our Koi range is for YOU, and only you.

The swimming Koi represents determination and perseverance; with this print we would like to challenge our ESJAY community to be purposeful and determined towards becoming completely consumed by the moment; living FULLY and in everything you do find ways to feed your SOUL.

This year at the ESJAY HQ we’ve done a lot of ‘soul searching’ honing in on what’s REALLY important and focusing on things that make us excited; ideas that keep us awake at night; kind comments and posts that make wrapping every ESJAY package - worth it. We want every babe, bro or baby gal who supports ESJAY to take time to reflect; to recognize what starts a fire in your belly, adds a little sparkle in your eyes and keeps you living your BEST life.

This print was designed by the very talented Andrea Campbell with the intention to inspire each moment to be ‘food for the soul,’ and we want you to embrace and remember those moments wearing our Koi collection.

Thank you for supporting South African brands like us; it means the WORLD!

Yours in smiles, sass and sweat,


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