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The Pangolins

Like rhino horn, Pangolin scales (also made of keratin), are highly sought after in the illegal wildlife trade, they are also the worlds most trafficked animal. In their efforts to protect these animals, the Zululand Conservation Trust (ZCT) has allocated a large sum of funds towards reintroducing Pangolins into Zululand where they’ve been extinct for 70 years.

At Esjay we believe in second chances; a fresh start and an opportunity to not only be better, but to make better decisions. Your involvement and support of the Esjay Pangolins helps rehabilitate these animals which gives them a second chance to be wild again. A percentage of each sale from this Esjay range will be donated to the ZCT to help fund their rehabilitation process. At the same time the Pangolin print designed by Manifest Designs starts a conversation; one we hope you might share with friends, family and your running club.

Here we have a story of the Pangolin but we also have a message of hope; that the end is not always the end and that with intention and kindness we can build a new beginning; a second chance. While this is our message and small contribution to an incredible cause, through this process we have been so inspired by the work done by Wild Again and the Zululand Conservation Trust, we encourage you to follow their stories on social media and support them where possible.

All the sweet, scaly love;

Esjay x

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