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The Jellies by Esjay

2020 was a lot. Here’s your simple start to the new year;

Our hope is that each day you live with intention and that you radiate positivity, light and kindness. With so many critics and accusers our world needs more of YOU; the bold type, those that light up a room.

Can’t see where we’re going with this one? Waiting for our sentimental or motivational meaning behind our print? … You clearly didn’t watch National Geographic growing up ;) Here’s why we’re starting the year with The Jellies.

Even without bones, a brain, heart and eyes the jellyfish is able to produce the most beautiful light from its body … they also have stinging tentacles used to paralyse prey before gobbling it up, but let’s ignore that fun fact for today. Point is; if a jellyfish can do it, so can you! Be your own light this year; shine from the inside out. Simple.

We wish you all the best for 2021.

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