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The Florals by Esjay

Don’t forget to smell the flowers...

Every year life gets a little more hectic — more rushed. While we’ve been given more time to stay home and do less have we used our time wisely? Or have we just added more to the overflowing pot?

As we move toward the second month of the year, we’re feeling like there’s less time to plan, exercise, eat, walk the dog, shop for groceries, rest, read, sleep. This range reminds us to become aware of the ‘crazy’ so that we can start saying NO to the things that don’t smell, taste and feel good.

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed or just tired, we hope you realise (like we have) that the reason you feel like your wellness is sitting in the back seat is because YOU put it there. These florals remind us to STOP trying to fit in an extra session, skip a meal, reply to emails after hours and rather; take time to ‘smell the flowers’ as we race through this wild thing we call life. This year let’s put that candle you’ve got burning at both ends — OUT!

A quick meal is not always healthy one, no matter what you’re eating. A fast run is not always a P.B if you’ve hated every step, an extra email isn’t worth is if it’s stealing your attention from things that are more important, more life-giving. It’s time to focus on YOU, your mental and physical health, so that you can be a good, kind and happy person, not just a busy one.

With this range we designed matching note pads that help you plan and prioritise you day and week; not so that you can get more done, but that you remember to make time for the things that bring life, not just maintain it.

At the end of it all; YOU, are completely up to YOU, and no one likes a stressed out Sally.

Let’s be better. It’s time.

From one busy girl to another.

Esjay x

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