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"Support" by Esjay

If there is one thing we perhaps all take for granted, it is wearing clean underwear, or underwear at all.

Over the years of Caitlyn serving in the Valley of 1000 Hills, she has noticed how often young school-going children go without underwear, and older girls without bra's.

Last year she started 'Pass the Panties' and in the month of August alone, received just over 4000 pairs of panties and 1000 new or used bras. What blew her mind even more was how when her team distributed the bras, they expected to have girls diving for the flashy, sparkly bras but their reaction was quite the opposite — they all asked for sports bras or “t-shirts bras”. This is where Esjay saw an opportunity to step in. We hope that this range can raise enough funds to make 200 sports bras ; making 200 girls feel comfortable and confident everyday, allowing them to do as well as possible at school, and in day to day life! Our slogan at Esjay is “look good, feel good, do good”. We hope that by our sponsorship of bras we can inspire others “do good” too, as we believe kindness is contagious.

This year Pass the Panties hopes to gift 25 000 school girls with new underwear in our Valley of 1000 Hills. We hope that “support” by Esjay helps create awareness and give this wonderful initiative the exposure and support it deserves.

Let’s restore dignity and sprinkle kindness together.

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