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Passion by Esjay

It is said that people with great passion can make the impossible happen.

Oprah Winfrey refers to passion as energy; that purpose is the meaning of your journey and passion is the fire that lights the way. Here at Esjay our purpose is to provide comfortable sportswear and our passion; our fire that lights the way is community and making a difference. Through our sportswear we aim to challenge perspective that inspires change.

Our PASSION is community, the FRUIT is change.

The Esjay passionfruit range is one that reminds us of why we do what we do — that we are more than just a sportswear brand. We are conversation starters and supporters, we are a local business but we are also a friend to organisations, charities and fur balls. We have a responsibility to maintain the quality of our products but also the quality of life in our community.

This range wouldn’t be Esjay if it didn’t leave you with something to think about. We researched the growing and harvesting of these sweet fruits, the passionfruit, and found these fun facts;

  • Passionfruit grows in vines; together.

  • They are heavy feeders; they require work.

  • They only produce fruit after 18 months; it’s a process.

Passion, the energy is much like the plant; it’s better together, it is stronger in numbers because it grows as a vine. It needs to be encouraged and looked after in order to be maintained, and finally passion is a process; it takes time before you reap the rewards.

We realise that we would not be able to have the same impact without your support. While we may have planted the seed our customers are responsible for the Esjay vine; you are the reason why our passion is possible and we cannot thank you enough.

This range is a celebration of YOU.

Your great passion, your energy about Esjay makes the impossible, happen.


All the love,

Esjay x

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