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Orange by Esjay

We grow up comparing and competing. We are taught good and bad, wrong and right. And then, if we dare to forget these scales we are reminded as we swipe and scroll through a feed that seems to leave us feeling empty rather than full. We’re so busy trying to win, to be better than our neighbours, louder than our co-workers, deciding which side of the fence to sit on or which words are safe and inclusive.

In a generation that orders attention like we order a meal, from an audience that reacts with flames or silently swipes in judgement. We’re trying to care without becoming attached, we’re lost because that’s liberating while we celebrate responsibility and independence. In a generation that has learned to love with one foot out the door because of a world that often lets us down. We pretend like we’re listening because that’s the 'right' thing to do and authenticity is almost impossible because we’re too worried about our next move. A planet that seems to have it all, a world revolving around instant gratification and somehow the thing we lack is satisfaction; being happy exactly where we are.

Orange by Esjay is a movement.

The citrus fruit carries a spiritual meaning of wholeness, health and contentment. I can remember u9 hockey matches when we would devour the tupperware of perfectly sliced segments while our coach tried to get our attention. When the most important thing in the world was that single moment. It might sound simple; but we’re the ones choosing complicated. Orange is a movement towards here and now; ironic in the sense that we’re asking you to stop rather than go. Each day we are bombarded with information, overwhelmed by opinions and told how we should feel, look and behave. We’re in a constant race towards a place we’re not even sure we like. Orange by Esjay reminds us that we are exactly where we are meant to be; you are not behind or ahead, winning or losing, late or early. Orange asks you to stop, practice gratitude so that instead of trying to accumulate we would appreciate; right here, right now.

All the love,

Esjay x

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1 comentário

07 de nov. de 2022

Hey team

I absolutely love this post and the citrus movement and being a hockey player myself the idea of oranges at half time just brings back all the goodness and memories of the sport. It is a symbol of community and a common love. ❤️ So refreshing (excuse the pun) to read a post like this and know that there are people, such as your selves, out there in the world doing such great things.

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