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magnolias by ESJAY

Hello again Esjay Community.

We are SO excited to share this print with you!

These magnolias were designed by Meghan Kenmuir from Manifest Designs. This beautiful, feminine, 'girl power' print aims to inspire girls to be HAPPY and confident in their own skin. Be PROUD of you cracks, crinkles and imperfections because these little irritations and in some cases obsessions are what makes you, YOU!

We launched this print in South African summer because we feel this is the time when our babes (and bros) need this message most! During this time of the year we tend to try and eat less, exercise more and become something we’re not for bikini bodies and ‘instagrammable’ photos. This is where our magnolias remind us that we are gorgeous just the way we are! (rolls and wrinkles included!)

Our magnolias are not saying “be a fatty and eat Christmas cake in your tights for breakfast instead of doing the park run,” they’re just reminding us to make better, healthier decisions that are maintainable this festive/summer season - that way you’ve already started some good habits when its time to make 2020 resolutions.

This print asks us not to get caught up in the imperfections and obsessions, we want you to wear these ‘blomme’ with all the style, sass and self confidence you can find. Believe in yourself and know that you can do and BE anything and everything you want to be.

YOU ARE FABULOUS and ESJAY LOVES YOU - just the way you are!

Have the most incredible festive season friends.

All our love;


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