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little black by ESJAY

Updated: May 26, 2020

Why don’t we use runway models in our photoshoots? Simply because 99.9% of our customers are NOT runway models.

Our sportswear is not designed for a specific figure, shape, colour or size. It’s designed for everyone — for people. Whether you’re on the catwalk or your afternoon walk. Whatever you do to get your heart racing, your brow sweaty and your eyes bright we want you to be able to do it from the comfort and style of ESJAY.

Our inspiration behind this range is taken from the silly, yet very real statement; “every girl needs a little black dress” … The ESJAY ‘little black’ range shouts - ‘forget the dress, every girl needs a little black set!’ We encourage an investment in health, find a hobby, form a habit, get some sunshine on your skin, with this range there are no excuses because you cannot go wrong with black, on black on black!

Here’s to half marathons, downward dogs, promenade walks, early morning hikes and Sunday coffee dates in your ‘little black’ sportswear.

All the love,

Esjay x

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