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lemon blossoms by ESJAY

Even when things get sour - your attitude can always be sweet! Attitude is everything, wave goodbye to the bad vibes because when you’re wearing your ESJAYS (and for the short amount of time when you’re not;)) there is always room for the good, even if you have to ‘squeeze’ it in!

This range shouts positivity and reminds us just how fabulous YOU, AND the people who fill your world are! We encourage you to build others up and speak the ‘GOOD stuff.’ We believe that in a world telling us “you’re too fat, too thin, too talkative, too busy.” A world of people saying “that’s not right, you’re not right, I would do this, you shouldn’t do that.” This range ‘squeezes’ in to remind our ESJAY community to breath - sip your lemonade or G ’n T and smile, dance, play, laugh and remember that this battle of good vs. bad and right vs. wrong is never ending. BUT, in every situation, the good, bad and the sweaty we can CONTROL OUR ATTITUDE. Take hold of good and glorious things - our range; lemon blossoms by ESJAY reminds us not to get caught up, but rather to get stuck in.

GET stuck in, to get LOST somewhere between the good vibes and the bright side. This way, when the ‘ugly’ stuff creeps in - you can handle, deal and get through it because of your ‘kick-ass’ positive attitude!!!

Stick to the sweet side - even when things get sour and BLOSSOM, honey.

All our love,

esjay xx

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