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LBR Range by Esjay Sportswear

This ESJAY range is made up of our classic black sportswear and the Lilac Breasted Roller print designed by Sarah Allderman from Sarch Designs. As usual our sportswear has come to challenge and inspire our EJSAY community.

The inspiration that this range carries is that of the incredible bird; the Lilac Breasted Roller “get’s it’s name from it’s impressive courtship dance that involves a series of flight stalls followed by a dive roll. As a result of this, the bird has long been associated with LOVE.” — Amy Attenborough, Wild Again.

This range has come to remind us of LOVE and to be intentional about it. The challenge is that you would also dance your way through life, loving and giving, and inspiring others to do the same.

Every time we challenge our ESJAY community we are blown away by your commitment to the cause, we can’t thank you enough. This time we’re just asking you to be LOUD about LOVE, to mean it and to continue to show it, because we really believe a little love can mark a big difference.

Esjay x

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