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ESJAY positive pants

A few weeks ago we asked our Esjay community to describe 2020 in 2 words — some answers were good, some bad and most were hilarious. “Voet sek!” “Hot mess” “Complete chaos” “Oooo Fok!” are a few of the answers we received. While we had a little chuckle reading through your responses, during this time we have fully realised the POWER of positivity — how an optimistic outlook often leads to a positive outcome. We believe in this so much that we made our very own POSITIVE PANTS, presenting the Esjay Orchids!

Just like kindness, complaining is contagious — its easy to become trapped in negative thoughts when we are surrounded by them. As we enter level 1 of a 5 month lockdown we at the Esjay HQ felt our community needed a range packed with good vibes and smiles. So, we designed ESJAY POSITIVE PANTS! When you slip into your tights or running shorts you will find your very own sprinkle of happiness — a quote, a one liner printed in your sportswear to reminder you that “it’s not all bad!”

Whether your tights tell you to “invest in yourself” or encourage you to “keep going” we hope with all our heart that you hear them. And YES, when you wear your orchids you might run a little faster or push a little harder, don’t be surprised that’s just the POWER of positivity. ;)

Pull up your positive pants and run this crazy world, in style with ESJAY.

All our love,

Esjay Sportswear

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