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Dream Team

The reason behind this range is one that pulls on our heart strings —

Often we pretend to be ‘bigger’ than we are. On social media it may appear as though there are many Esjay employees working in a big factory. The truth is when we say we are a small business, we’re not just saying it. Our team consists of me, Donna Small from Double Tap Creative Studio and the incredibly passionate, creative Sarah Jane Lee who is the brains and founder of the sportswear you get excited about. There is Tim (husband to Sarah) who is very much part of Esjay in every way. We have Suzie (Sarah’s mom) who is our PA, the fill in boss, the tea lady and everything inbetween. Then we have the hands that physically make the ESJAY ‘dream’ a reality, our seamstresses; THE DREAM TEAM.

This range is dedicated to the hands that cut, stitch and sew with love and care to make your sportswear comfortable and stylish, just the way you like it! In 2019 we decided to manufacture our products inhouse. We started with 3 ladies, and now our team consists of 8 talented and wonderful seamstresses. Their energy is contagious and they bring laughter to our office, not to mention they are incredible at their job. We are so grateful that they absolutely love working for Esjay.

This range is dedicated to the 8 souls who make your sportswear and make our day, every day! When you order from this range part of your purchase will be used to say thank you to our team, and treat them to some extra spoils!

Thank you for your support, because of your love for our brand we are able to employ, encourage and enjoy these 8 ladies every day!

All the love,


The Dream Team | Print by Sarah Designs

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