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Coral Tree by Esjay

Situated right in the heart of Zululand, Northern KZN you will find Ngwelezane Hospital. When you make your way through the gates, just beyond the hustle and bustle of the tuck shop and a large blooming Erythrina tree you will find the the Paediatric Burns Unit (or PBU).

It is here that over the course of a year up to 240 children are successfully treated for a range of different burns and the complications that come with them. This is also where you will find a committed team of nurses and doctors who are the inspiration for the Coral Tree (Erythrina) sportswear range. Despite the satisfaction and joy that come with discharging a well patient after treatment for burns, these healthcare workers can’t help feeling that so many of the burns sustained in the wider Zululand community can be prevented. Doctors Emily Webber & Sam Beningfield approached Esjay with the objective of reducing the number of avoidable burns in their district and other parts of KZN by disseminating Public Health information. Their mission is to create and share resources teaching caregivers how to avoid potentially dangerous heating methods in the home and administer first aid for burns.

Ngwelezana Burns not only nurses paediatric patients but adults as well, and provides live feedback and support to doctors in 18 surrounding district hospitals and clinics as they nurse acute burn wound in their facilities.

The Coral Tree is widely loved for it’s scarlet-coloured flowers and for this reason is often referred to as the ‘flame’ or ‘fire’ tree, which we found fitting for this Esjay range. Our hope is that through our Coral Tree sportswear Esjay will be able to support the incredible initiative actioned by doctors the Surgical team at Ngwelezana. For every Coral Tree item sold a percentage will be donated to the design and printing of the Public Health resources.

We are always blown away by the kindness of ‘ordinary’ humans. We hope Sam & Emily’s hearts will inspire you to become more aware and more available to being a part of something bigger and better in your social circles and communities.

All the love,


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