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Buhle's Range by Esjay

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Have you ever heard of an Esjay ambassador? … neither have we 😉

The reason why we don’t send ‘free things’ in the exchange for content is because our brand is built on more than likes, follows and engagement. It’s built on people, relationships and CHANGE.

Meet Buhle, she runs 10KM in 36:50, 21KM in 1:20:09 and a marathon in 2:50:48. She lives with Prodigal Khumalo; a two times gold medallist at Comrades (2014, 2017), and has won the Ultra-trail Cape Town (UTCT) 100km twice (2016, 2017). They live in Inanda and train twice a day, every day!

Buhle started running in 2007 and loves it because it keeps her healthy and teaches her discipline while enjoying it with other people. Buhle believes that being an athlete is a special gift, it’s an opportunity for her to focus on her dreams and this makes her excited.

Buhle is the reason why we don’t have ambassadors, we prefer to gift sportswear to people and athletes who we believe, deserve it the MOST with the hope to not only help Buhle but to inspire those that hear her story through our ‘sponsorship.’ A special mention to Esjay friend and dietician Jenna Spooner (Bowes) who has been working with Buhle providing advice and guidance around diet and meal preparation pre and post training.

We thought you would like to know, that because of YOU and your support we were able to buy Buhle a new pair of running shoes, her response to the gift was simple but more than we could have imagined; “Now I will fly.”

We hope you fly. And while you are soaring, push a little wind under someone else’s wings too.

All the love,


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