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Brave by Esjay

This might not come as a surprise to some, but for most of you who don’t know, ESJAY is not the only business we’ve been building… Introducing Shisa Mama a brand dedicated to providing clothing specific for, as the name suggests; HOT MOMS! ;)

As owner and founder of Esjay Sportswear, I can honestly say that this brand has grown with me. I haven’t forced change or tried to be like other brands, I have said sorry just as much as I have said thank you and I never pretend to be bigger than we are. I have focused on ‘keeping it real’ and I have allowed our customers and community to challenge and encourage us. Now, as I face the latter part of my 20’s we see the ESJAY community grow and their needs change.

While Esjay will always be more than just sportswear, it will always only be sportswear. This will allow us to focus on providing the quality and experience that you appreciate and love. However, that doesn’t mean we, the ladies working at Esjay can’t meet your other needs. We would love to help you in every stage of life, not just when you’re hot and sweaty.

As a result of our passion to bring you more, a NEW BUSINESS IS BORN. This is for the new moms or those expecting, Shisa Mama is all for you.

This business will have it’s own identity and online store but I thought the ESJAY fans deserved a little head start, after all, you are the reason we have enough confidence to dive into this new venture! We would love you to follow Shisa Mama on Instagram and Facebook and help us grow and build something new.

Thank you for everything, you guys ROCK.

All the love, Sarah Bingham.

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