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The pears are sweeter where you plant them. 


It’s easy to get caught up in the crowd. The crowd we’re referring to are the people who are leaving. The families who move their lives to new cities for more opportunity, a better lifestyle. For the change they don’t see coming and the anxiety around security.


There’s a long list of reasons why South African’s leave South Africa. The list is justified, and the reasons are often obvious.


The pear range by Esjay is a shoutout, a standing ovation and a friendly high five to the ones who choose to stay. Not the ones that are ‘stuck’ here, but the ones who relentlessly LOVE this place and opt to settle here, the ones that choose home. 


To the people embracing the chaotic paradise of Mzansi. 


While you’re busy making South Africa home, we hope you plant your financial, intellectual, influential, philanthropic ‘pears’ instead of holding on to them. Plant them in a city that only sees summer, into a business that feeds families, into the environment that is home to Africa. Plant them into a nation that finds the funny side and unity through sport. 


To those who choose to stay, just like the grass is greener where you water it, we believe your pears are sweeter where you plant them. Plant your pears, give your country a chance to show you what she’s made of. Stop hanging on to the fruit she’s given you, share it, invest it. We believe it comes back better, sweeter

Written by Donna from Double Tap Studios


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