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Rooster Range by Esjay

We don’t arrive at mental health; mental health is about how we travel, not about where we’re going. We heard about a crazy man who had decided to run along the coastline of South Africa, from Kosi Bay to Vioolsdrift. After meeting with him and hearing his story we had to get involved.

The ROOSTERS were designed in support of the 34 year old runner, Henry Cock and his efforts to build awareness around the topic of mental health in order to raise funds for the South Africa Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG). He is doing this by running a half marathon every day for 133 consecutive days, and when he completes this crazy task he will also break a Guiness World Record!

To put it in perspective, if 10 000 people donated 10c for every kilometre that Henry runs, he will raise close to R5 million for SADAG; for some that is 1 coffee a week, our challenge is that you trade in one of your cups to fill another;

When we heard Henry’s story we were reminded of the severe conditions around mental health and that people don’t always have the support they need. They suffer in silence. While this range is an extension of Henry’s quest, it is a reminder to check in with your circle; your nearest and dearest people. We also have a responsibility to not only support but to encourage unashamed conversations around anxiety and depression; interrupt the silence and create a comfortable space for people to be honest about how they genuinely feel.

You can donate to Henry’s cause directly or you can purchase your Esjay Rooster Range and we will donate to SADAG on your behalf. We’re hoping to raise R30 000 for this very deserving and important cause. You can follow Henry’s journey online too;

Keep talking, keep asking questions but most importantly; love each other.

Esjay x

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