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Olympics, here we come!!!

The South African Women's Hockey team are hard working, passionate sportswomen. They are passionate about our country, and are passionate about sport.

In October last year, they managed to win the African qualifying tournament, which secured their spot as the top team in Africa, and gave them a ticket to the pen ultimate sporting event, the Olympic games. This year, it will be held in Paris.

They feel incredibly proud to be able to represent our beautiful country in such an amazing event, + have been working extremely hard in the past couple of months in their journey to Paris in order to make sure that they make our country proud.

Being a South African hockey player means there is unfortunately not much fame, and certainly no fortune, and so their journey to the Paris Olympic Games has not been an easy one. Without a major sponsor on board, it has meant there have been a lot of challenges for the team in ensuring that they get sufficient preparation for the Olympic Games. They need to make sure that they can train together enough to give a good account of themselves.

They have had to rely on smaller companies to make their journey to the 2024 Olympics possible. That is where Esjay comes in. Sarah, the owner of Esjay is a big hockey fan, and has played hockey with many of the girls in the current SA team. Esjay hopes that through this Olympic range, they can raise funds + create extra exposure for the South African Women's Hockey team. They have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much, and deserve our support and encouragement.

We hope that when you wear this range, you feel extra saffa pride, and know you have contributed to making young girls Olympic dreams come true!!! 

If you would like to make a direct contribution to the SA Womans Hockey team, please follow this link :

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