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Let's Get Loud About Local

In a world where you can shop anywhere, shop LOCAL.

Our HADEDA range, like the bird at 5AM, is LOUD and proud about all things South Africa. This range serves as a reminder of the authentic and passionate place we call home, with the hope that we would choose to support the people and brands who make our country the GLORIOUS place it is!

So often at EJSAY we ‘pretend’ to be bigger than we are; but in fact the process to make a pair of tights is quite simple and a whole lot less ‘professional’ than it may seem. By professional we don’t mean we’re aren’t doing things properly, we’re just not a fancy factory producing millions or too much. We’re a local brand with a heart to bring you comfort, encourage confidence while creating change.

Since we can’t invite you into the ESJAY HQ, we thought we would take you through our processes. So here’s “How to make a pair of ESJAYS;”

  1. Order fabric and elastic from our local suppliers

  2. Work with a talented artist to create the print of your dreams

  3. TEST PRINT! (Often more than one, to make sure it’s perfect!)

  4. Then it's onto the rolls for the BULK PRINT.

  5. Match cotton to fabric, and order from our local suppliers

  6. Hand cut garment into panels

  7. Embroidery is done on certain panels

  8. Every pocket is placed and pinned, and every piece of elastic is measured and cut, hand!

  9. Time to sew and make up your tights

  10. Quality check - the seamstresses check every seam as they sew, and we double check after that, to make sure every seam and pocket is ‘run ready!’

  11. Tag, fold and count!

  12. Organize models, venues and PHOTOSHOOT!

  13. Add stock online

  14. LAUNCH!

....we may have left out a few of the steps, but you can see how many people are involved in the making of ONE esjay garment.

A total of 10 ladies work their butts off to make sure every step runs smoothly. We thought you would like to know that 10 South African hands and hearts have been part of your tights before you slide into them. That’s the beauty of shopping local, you’re connected to the maker, in some way or another.

As a way of further supporting our beautiful country, we have bought 200 hadeda beaded key rings from our friend and local craftsman, Jason. The first 200 online orders which include an item from the hadeda range, will receive a FREE keyring with their order.

All the gees, liefde and local lekker love;



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