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faith like BANANAS

Updated: May 26, 2020


Did you know it takes a banana tree almost 9 months to produce a bunch of bananas?! These little guys have to wait 9 months before they reap all of what they have sown. If we’re being honest the creative process while ‘building’ this print was a little backwards! Usually the message comes first and then we work with some super talented designers to bring about a pattern that communicates that message. This time the leaves came first or for better words, “the chicken” which meant we needed a story, “the egg” … ASAP!

The message associate with each ESJAY print is simply to start a conversation — giving you something to talk about on your morning runs, something for you to think about while you push through your extra rep… or while you’re lying on your couch eating your favourite cheat meal… in your ESJAYS ;) … it’s just our way of making sure these super cool tights are more than just super cool tights, just like you’re more than a size, figure or shape.

So when we heard the news, that banana trees take 270 days to make a bunch of yellow smiles, we felt inspired, so here’s your story … or rather just your reminder … wherever you are and whatever you’re doing let this print be a reminder that ‘rome wasn’t build in a day’ or rather ‘bananas aren’t grown in a day!’

These green leaves remind us to be patient with our bodies and consistent with our training, that reaching our goals is a process and it requires commitment, don’t give up – you’ve got this!!!

THE END! It’s short, but we hope your conversations while wearing these leaves are long, honest and full!

All the love,


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