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Esjay x SPCA

The Kloof + Highway SPCA has always been one of Esjays FAVOURITE NGOs - full of love, hope and passion. The team is constantly saving lives, and making a huge impact on our community.


Last year they tended to a heartbreaking 7628 animals! Let me spell that out - seven thousand, six hundred and twenty eight!!! To see that many unwanted, abandoned, deserted animals in a single year is devastating.


In this special range, we chose to use some of the dogs, housed at the SPCA, as the artists for the print. In this fun, interactive experience we used kids non-toxic finger paint on their paws, and, as they pounced around in glee, this one of a kind print was created.


Housing over 160 animals at any given time, Kloof & Highway SPCA are constantly in need of funds to feed, tend to, give medical attention and support the wellbeing of these animals. 


This is where we come in - at Esjay we always try to use our platform to do good - we have created activewear that sparks important conversations, increases awareness, and raises funds. We hope that through this range we can do all these things, and hopefully even a little bit more.


Thank you for supporting us, so we can support them.

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