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Chillies by ESJAY

Let’s root for each other and watch each other GROW.

“Hot and dangerous,” ok not so much dangerous — but definitely HOT! ;) Say hello to the CHILLIES by Esjay Sportswear. This print was HAND PAINTED by the incredibly talented LIBBY BELL ART and carries a message of GROWING while encouraging GROWTH. Every time you pull up your tights or slip into your sports bra our HOPE is that you GROW — whether it be going for a long run, cooking delicious food or grabbing a coffee with a friend; we hope your days are full. It's important that while we are growing, we remember to water someone or something along the way.

This range challenges us to STOP finding a negative somewhere else to help us feel, look and sound better. To STOP comparing ‘YOU’ to the girl on your feed or the guy next door. Stop measuring your success against society’s standards — they fall short of validity — if they even exist. Instead these red and green ‘hotties’ are here to ROOT for YOU. They want you to grow — they want you to see, feel and fully experience your WORTH. What makes these chillies extra ‘spicy’ is they encourage us to ‘root’ for each other. That while we are scrolling, swiping and double tapping we are also supporting, encouraging and sharing kindness and applause. Our chillies want EVERYONE to WIN.

To reinforce the message of growth we have attached a chilli seed card to our sportswear to give you something to GROW and to serve as a reminder to appreciate, invest in and encourage GROWTH w h i l e you GROW — we should all be celebrated, so stand up and clap for the 'sista' with the six pack and high five the guy who worked extra hours to buy his new car.

Let’s ROOT for each other and watch each other GROW.

Just be nice.

That’s all.

Lots of love

Esjay x

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